Michael (nebula31) wrote in chriscornell,

Chris Cornell on Sports Radio 950 in Seattle

Chris Cornell was interviewed on Seattle's Sports Radio 950 KJR AM this afternoon by Mike Gastineau (a.k.a. "the Gas Man").

Mike has interviewed other musicians (Pearl Jam, Sir Mix A Lot, Presidents of the USA etc.) in addition to athletes, but this was still a pleasant surprise.

It was pretty cool. I was surprised at how much Chris talked. It wasn't a long interview, but he did speak quite a bit about the Audioslave Cuba tour.

Here's the direct link to the podcast page:

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In a Kerrang interview last week, they made note that if you ask Chris a question then he'll spend 10 minutes answering it. I find that quite cool of him.
Yeah, he really went on, but it was kinda cool rather than annoying. I've never heard him speak much on his own.
i heard chris is gonna be on howard stern on june 12th. someone should post a transcript of it?